Compliance & Monitoring Officer

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Job Description

There are openings for qualified individuals to constitute the academy’s IT support team as ‘Compliance & Monitoring Officers’ (CMOs). They shall be posted to each section of the academy, and in this role, they will be responsible for:

  • Creating online accounts with their internet-ready laptop computers for all pupils or students that are enrolled in the academy and who do not have an internet service to accomplish this task.
  • Ensuring that the pupils or students are registered on the portal every term throughout their stay in the academy.
  • Confirming the online accounts of all Bonafide pupils and students of the academy based on a master admission list.
  • Performing online payment verifications for compliance purposes.
  • Working in synergy with the academy heads to achieve other IT related objectives.
  • Provide periodic reports on the state of progress in their required duties.

Job Requirements

Each CMO is required to:

  • Possess a powered, sound, trouble-free and internet-ready Windows® 10 laptop computer.
  • Demonstrate a high proficiency level in the use of computers and the internet.
  • Have working knowledge of a variety of computer hardware and software applications.
  • Exhibit willingness to solve technical issues in their assigned roles and see them through to completion.
  • Be team-oriented and possess strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills.
  • Have the ability to manage time and effectively prioritize roles.

Job Slots

CMO positions are available for the pre-primary, primary and secondary school sections of the academy.

Job Pay

Each CMO shall be paid an allowance of ₦250/Registered Pupil or Student at the end of every term.

Application Method

  • Interested individuals are required to sign up on our consultant’s platform at
  • After sign up, members should login to their account to access the ‘Support’ menu link to enable them access the ‘Contact Support’ page.
  • While on the support page, members are required to select ‘External Job – CMO-Cross Bar Academy – Otukpa’ option in the ‘Subject’ field.
  • They are required to type the following message in the ‘Message’ field:
I meet the CMO job requirements as advertised. I confirm that all information supplied by me are correct and I do confirm my availability for any school section of the academy that I am eventually posted to.

Important : Simply type the message verbatim. Do not copy and paste the message and there should be no line breaks.

  • After completing the steps above, members can then click the ‘Send’ button on the support page to submit.
  • The application process is fully automated and members will receive instant notification via email on their school postings.

Important: Please check your spam, junk or bulk folder if you cannot find the notification email in your inbox.

Closing Date

Job positions are currently open till further notice.


  • Our consultant shall only accept submissions from
  • A non-refundable sign-up fee of ₦2,500 is prescribed on the platform for new members. Apart from the platform’s existing objectives which all members are entitled to benefit from, the sign-up fee and recruitment method both serve to provide the consultant with assurance that:
    • Applicants do meet the specified job requirements.
    • Applicants would be available and committed to their duties after they have been engaged.

Attention: Persons who can not meet the above sign-up requirements should not bother to create an account on

  • Interested individuals should be wary of persons or group of persons who claim affiliations with Cross Bar Academy, Otukpa and request for money to complete the sign-up process on their behalf. Applicants are thus advised to follow through the process themselves and not by proxy.
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